Regulatory Brief

 Proposed APHIS 2014-2018 Business Plan for Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health Programs

​Formal Title – Aquaculture/Aquatic Animal Business Plan, Fiscal Years 2014 to 2018 (October 15, 2014)

Brief Description

USDA-APHIS invited comments on a proposed plan for implementing a 5-year business plan to the implement many of the elements in the National Aquatic Animal Health Plan (NAAHP) and developing new model non-regulatory standards for an aquatic animal health code to protect U.S.  As the lead agency for farm-raised aquatic livestock, APHIS will seek input from other relevant Federal, State and Tribal agencies, and stakeholders on this code that will address specific guidance for on-farm commercial aquaculture operation disease surveillance, testing, management and biosecurity.

For each of the next five years APHIS outlined specific activities focused of four common elements of the aquatic animal health program for diseases: 1) prevention, preparedness and communication; 2) monitoring, surveillance and detection; 3) response and containment; and, 4) continuity of business, mitigation and recovery. 

AVMA Response

The AVMA complimented APHIS for moving forward with plans to implement programs that will protect and allow U.S. farmed aquatic livestock industries to grow. The AVMA believe that many of the elements proposed in the APHIS business plan can be realized, particularly if the approaches for aquatic livestock health are integrated into programs addressing terrestrial livestock health, such as the National Animal Health Surveillance System, National Animal Health Monitoring System, National Animal Health Reporting System, National Animal Health Laboratory Network, and Veterinary Services Processing Streamlining programs.

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