Regulatory Brief

 Proposed Rule on Livestock Marketing Facilities (January 2, 2015)

Formal Title: Docket Number APHIS-2014-0018; Proposed Rule on Livestock Marketing Facilities

Brief Description: 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced that it proposes to amend the regulations governing approval of facilities that receive livestock moved in interstate commerce and that the agency proposes several amendments to the conditions under which livestock may move to such facilities without official identification or prior issuance of an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection or alternative documentation. The agency relayed in the proposed rule that the changes are necessary to update the regulations governing livestock marketing facilities, while also helping ensure animal disease traceability of livestock moved interstate to such facilities. 

Excerpts from the AVMA Response:

“The AVMA believes that permanent, unique identification of animals and premises is essential for tracing origin and destination of all livestock to protect animal and public health from diseases and pests of concern and to facilitate disease control and eradication. Because of regulatory requirements pertaining to recordkeeping, approval process, and proper use of backtags, the AVMA supports the USDA APHIS existing and proposed exemptions for cattle and bison in the Animal Disease Traceability Rule. If such exemptions later prove detrimental to accurate and efficient disease traceability, we strongly urge the agency to reconsider the exemptions as well as enforcement tactics.”

“Regarding the USDA’s request for public comment about backtag placement on cattle and bison going to slaughter, the AVMA recommends backtags be placed on dorsal midline, between the shoulders and last thoracic vertebrae.  We urge APHIS to work closely with USDA Food Safety Inspection Service to ensure proper collection of backtags and all other official ID at slaughter to maintain animal identification and facilitate disease traceability. For standardization, we recommend USDA include backtag placement location requirements in the regulations.”

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