Regulatory Brief

 FDA Notice of Proposed Antiparasitic Drug and Resistance Survey

Formal Title: Docket Number (FDA-2010-N-0307); Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Antiparasitic Drug and Resistance Survey

Brief Description:

FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine plans to survey members of veterinary professional organizations using an Internet-based survey instrument. The questions in the survey are designed to elicit professional opinions regarding the use of antiparasitic drugs and the awareness of antiparasitic drug resistance. The survey will query subjects on topics including:

  1. Awareness of the issues related to antiparasitic resistance,
  2. Methods currently being used to detect and/or monitor for antiparasitic resistance,
  3. Management practices being used or recommended to manage or reduce antiparasitic resistance, and
  4. Labeling and marketing considerations for antiparasitic drugs.

AVMA Response:

​The AVMA appreciates the Food and Drug Administration addressing our previous concerns about the proposed “Antiparasitic Drug Use and Antiparasitic Resistance Survey” and providing us with a better understanding of the Agency’s purpose and methodologies for the survey.  We now support the survey and believe that it will be a positive opportunity not only to gather information that may benefit animal health and the veterinary profession, but also to enhance awareness among stakeholders of antiparasitic resistance threats and mitigation strategies.

Background Documents: