Regulatory Brief

 Docket Number EPA-HQ-OPPT-2010-0768 - EPA's Role in Advancing Sustainable Products

Formal title: Docket Number [EPA-HQ-OPPT-2010-0768] EPA's Role in Advancing Sustainable Products

The EPA solicited individual stakeholder input regarding the Agency's Role in the "green" or sustainable products movement.

Brief Description:

The agency will consider the information gathered from this notice and other sources as it works to define its role and develop a strategy that identifies how the EPA can make a meaningful contribution to the development, manufacture, designation, and use of sustainable products. More specifically, EPA would appreciate individual views regarding the following types of questions;

  1. What do you see as the major policy and research challenges, opportunities, and trends impacting the development, manufacture, designation, and use of sustainable products?
  2. What do you see as EPA's overall role in addressing these challenges and opportunities?
  3. In particular, how do you see EPA's role in:
    • Assembling information and databases
    • Identifying sustainability "hotspots" and setting product sustainability priorities
    • Evaluating the multiple impacts of products across their entire life cycle
    • Defining criteria for more sustainable products
    • Generating eco-labels and/or standards
    • Establishing the scientific foundation for these eco-labels and/or standards
    • Verifying that products meet standards
    • Stimulating the market
    • Developing end-of-life management systems (reuse, recycling, etc.)
    • Measuring results, evaluating programs

AVMA Response:

The AVMA applauds the EPA for its interest and efforts to gain stakeholder input on the Agency's role in this issue. The AVMA supports conservation of natural resources by encouraging green practices by its offices, employees, councils, committees, members and others. Pertaining to the specific questions above asked by the EPA in the Federal Register Notice, the AVMA offers the following.

In response to question one, the AVMA underscores education of the public on the importance of maintenance and restoration of a healthy environment using cost analysis and science-based, peer-reviewed information. As well as education on the importance of sustainability, conservation, and long term planning.

In response to question two, the AVMA suggests that the EPA enhance developed resources and web materials in laymen's terms to facilitate improved public understanding of the Agency's regulations and opinions regarding control and prevention of the environmental impacts by chemicals, wastes, and other man made products that may negatively effect the environment.

In response to question three, particularly in regards to stimulating the market, the AVMA recommends promotion by the EPA of scientifically-based environmentally sensitive practices to ensure a viable ecosystem for future generations.

The AVMA is presently addressing a plethora of environmentally related issues (including green practices) that impact or involve animal health, public health, and the veterinary profession as a whole. We look forward to continuing dialogue.

Background Documents:

September 16, 2010 Federal Register Notice (PDF)

Full AVMA Response; October 11, 2010 (PDF)