Regulatory Brief

 Bovine Tuberculosis Program Concept Paper

Formal title: Docket Number [APHIS-2009-0073-0002] Notice of Availability of a Bovine Tuberculosis Program Concept Paper

Brief Description:

The USDA APHIS is advising the public that the Bovine Tuberculosis Program Concept Paper describing a new direction for the bovine tuberculosis program was available for public review and comment. The cooperative Federal-State-industry effort to eradicate bovine tuberculosis from cattle in the United States has made significant progress since the program's inception in 1917. However, several challenges impede eradication. The concept paper presents the current thinking of the USDA APHIS on the changes it is considering for the bovine tuberculosis program.

AVMA Response:

The AVMA applauds USDA APHIS for considering a new approach to eradicating the disease and consider the proposed five-point action plan an important step forward. The AVMA recognizes that much of what has been outlined in the Proposed Action Plan will need considerable discussion between livestock and wildlife industries, producers, and the appropriate State and Federal agencies, and the specifics of the new program will evolve over time. The AVMA encourages the USDA to maintain the overall goal of eradicating the disease from the U.S., despite the elusive nature of the disease and technological challenges.

The AVMA also believes that for any livestock prevention, control and eradication program to be effective, including any approaches to manage bovine tuberculosis, it is imperative that a National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is implemented. Imported animals should be incorporated into the NAIS immediately upon their arrival, unless going directly to slaughter, and the identity of the country of origin in an NAIS database be maintained. Without such a system in place, epidemiological investigations for bovine tuberculosis will remain hampered.

Background Documents:

View Federal Register document (PDF)

Concept Paper for Bovine Tuberculosis Program (PDF)


The AVMA responded on December 4, 2009. (PDF)