Veterinary Corps Officer Accession from Lieutenant to Captain

All active duty veterinarians currently entering into the Army Veterinary Corps are commissioned at the rank of Captain. Army Reserve Veterinary Corps officers, however, are commissioned at the rank of First Lieutenant, unless they receive credit for their years worked in veterinary medicine after graduation (approximately 5-7 years, but the requirement varies).  Physicians commissioned as Army Medical Corps officers enter active duty or the reserves at the rank of Captain. However, First Lieutenants in the U.S. Army Reserve Veterinary Corps are expected to perform the same duties and responsibilities as Captains, but they lack the same authority to carry out these tasks. In addition, military pay is related to rank. The AVMA supports legislation that would commission Army Reserve Veterinary Corps officers at the rank of Captain, which is consistent with the Association’s current federal equity in pay initiative.

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Gina Luke