Federal Issue Brief

 H.R. 403/H.R. 1417 Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training Act

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AVMA Position:



Introduced by Congressman Bob Filner (CA-51st) would amend title 10, United States Code, to require the Secretary of Defense to use only human-based methods for training members of the Armed Forces. 


  • H.R. 403 would apply to training for the treatment of severe combat and chemical and biological injuries.
  • H.R. 1417 would apply only to training for the treatment of severe combat injuries.


  • The legislation would limit training on treatment modalities, resulting in needless loss of life, or return to full functionality of our military personnel.
  • The AVMA also acknowledges that the Armed Forces are investigating and instituting non-animal based methods to teach medical processes, but in some medical situations they do not have effective non-animal based methods that would eliminate the need for animal based models.

Current Status:

H.R. 403: House Committee on the Armed Services, Subcommittee on Military Personnel

H.R. 1417: House Committee on Armed Services

AVMA Contact:

Dr. Whitney Miller, Assistant Director, Governmental Relations Division, 202-289-3211.