Benefits of Membership in SAVMA

Student AVMA (SAVMA) Membership is open to any full time student enrolled in a program of study leading directly to a professional veterinary degree, granted by a school or college of veterinary medicine.  Join SAVMA today to start taking advantage of your membership benefits!

All SAVMA Members are eligible for the following AVMA Benefits:

  • Student AVMA Members receive reduced subscription rates to the Journal of the AVMA (JAVMA) and the American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR). Nonmembers pay as much as $255 a year per journal; student members save at least $200 per journal! 
    • JAVMA - $40 for a yearly subscription
    • AJVR - $40 for a yearly subscription

Current student members may log on to the SAVMA Dues website to purchase a subscription.

Read JAVMA News online posted 2 weeks prior to publication

  • Free advanced registration to the AVMA Annual Convention held in July/August while in school. For the latest up-to-date information, visit the AVMA Convention Website.
  • Access to the AVMA Veterinary Career Center which provides job listings that match your resume and allows interested employers to search your posted resume. Find available post-graduate programs, externships, and preceptorships in your field of interest. Post your resume, browse through hundreds of current open positions, set up notifications so you can be emailed when new jobs that meet your criteria are posted and more! For more information visit or call 800-248-2862, ext. 6679.
    • Available for use by all Student Chapter and Student Associate Members for FREE;
    • Has information on starting salaries and benefits, how to evaluate your first practice position, demographics of the profession, and the variety of veterinary careers;
    • Counseling on "how to negotiate" for salary and benefits
  • AVMA website

American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) Student Benefits

The AVMF was established as the charitable arm of the AVMA and is one of the largest providers of veterinary student scholarships.

The AVMF offers numerous scholarships and grant opportunities for current veterinary students! View the AVMF website for more details.

Volunteer Opportunities include AVMF's Our Oath in Action events in your community and leadership opportunities for students interested in serving on one of AVMF's committees. For more information, please complete the volunteer survey at

Additionally SAVMA members are eligible for the following Student AVMA Benefits:

  • Invitation to the Annual SAVMA Symposium hosted by a local student chapter. Network with vet students and veterinary professionals; gain invaluable hands-on skills during wet labs; take a day trip showcasing local hot spots; and attend lectures and the exhibit hall to learn more about the exciting new technological advances in veterinary medicine! For the latest up-to-date information, visit the SAVMA Symposium Webpage.
  • Access to the SAVMA Webpage
    • Free subscription/access to The Vet Gazette: the official online journal of the Student AVMA. Published for veterinary students by veterinary students. Includes array of topics, and veterinary student members are encouraged to submit articles and take advantage of the chance to earn a stipend for their effort. Find out more at
    • Committee updates, event information, scholarship applications, contact information for delegates and SCAVMA board members, and important information specific to veterinary students
    • Apply for numerous monetary awards offered by SAVMA Committees, for work done related to their respective committee tasks. Current members may view the SAVMA Awards, Competitions and Scholarships opportunities page for more information. 
  • Numerous Volunteer Opportunities including leadership 
    opportunities available to students on the SAVMA Executive Board and the SAVMA HOD Committees.

Exclusively for SAVMA/SCAVMA/SAAVMA members!

  • Automatic Conversion to AVMA Membership.
    Student Chapter of the AVMA and Student Associate of the AVMA members who meet their SCAVMA/SAAVMA requirements to be a member in good standing and have paid membership dues for all years they are in veterinary school at the time of graduation will be granted automatic conversion to AVMA membership upon graduation.
    • This means no application to file and no dues to pay for the remainder of the year of graduation (approximate $100 savings)
    • Two additional years of reduced recent graduate AVMA membership dues to help lessen the financial burden of membership fees while searching for your veterinary career
      ($165 savings in 2016)
    • Free registration to AVMA Convention the year you graduate (over $500 value), plus a credit for an additional free registration within the 5 years following graduation
    • Access to the Recent Grad website, including the Personal Financial Planning Tool at

For further information on any of these topics, please contact Dr. Derrick Hall, Lead Assistant Director of Student Initiatives at AVMA (800-248-2862, ext. 6681). 

Student Insurance Benefits:

AVMA | PLIT Protecting you through it allDid you know that even as a student, you can be accused of veterinary malpractice and threatened with a lawsuit? Locate the PLIT student ambassador at your school and find when a PLIT Trust Veterinarian will be at your campus for an educational session on how to avoid and manage allegations of malpractice. You may also visit for more information.

The PLIT is honored to sponsor the liability insurance students need while they are in veterinary school. As a key SAVMA member benefit, coverage is at no cost to students. Student liability protects students during their clinical experiences (externships, preceptorships, part-time or volunteer work, even during their first year). Students must apply online at to get the coverage they need. Have your SAVMA member number ready!

  •  AVMA LIFE for information call 800-621-6360.

    As a veterinary student, you may need affordable, reliable insurance coverage. Without it, even a minor illness or injury can financially overwhelm you and could jeopardize your veterinary career. That's why AVMA LIFE created affordable insurance for veterinary students and their dependents. New to SAVMA members, AVMA LIFE Trust is providing all full-time student members $25,000 of Life Insurance at no cost*!

Also available to students is the Student Basic Protection Package which includes $300 rabies vaccination benefit, $500 per month Disability coverage AND $100,000 Group Term Life Insurance plan. Visit for more details, as well as the contact information for the AVMA LIFE agent at your school.

*Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company on Policy Form GMR. Must be a full-time SAVMA member to receive this complimentary Life coverage. Must also reside in the United States and be a legal resident to be eligible for coverage from the AVMA Life Trust. This life coverage ends upon termination of SAVMA Membership. Please visit the AVMA LIFE website for more information and exclusions.