SAVMA Student Symposium

Every year a veterinary school hosts an educational symposium for veterinary students from across the country. The three day program consists of interactive wet labs, lectures, academic and athletic competitions, an exhibit hall, and the SAVMA House of Delegates bi-annual meeting. SAVMA Symposium is an educational opportunity that exposes students to a variety of topics outside their typical curriculum, while offering unique networking experiences and career building skills.


2017 SAVMA Symposium
 March 16 - 18, 2017 
Texas A&M University

The SAVMA Symposium team invites you to come down to Aggieland and see just what all that whooping is about. They promise you an educational event complete with fascinating lectures, interactive wet labs, fun social events and exciting day trips.  So come on down to Texas! #SAVMAIsBiggerInTexas

Registration VIP Codes:

Students must be current Student Chapter/Associate Members prior to registering. if you have not paid your 2016-2017 membership dues, you will not be able to register for Symposium. Please visit the SAVMA dues site to pay your 2016-2017 SAVMA/SCAVMA dues. Students must also use the appropriate VIP code to register.

STUD17 - For use by all general Veterinary Students
Guests are welcome to attend and can be added to a student registration. Guests will not be allowed to register for wet labs or day trips.
SCAVMA Presidents/President-Elects - please use the Presidents code provided to you to register. Presidents meeting to be held on 3/17/17 from 8am - 3pm
SAVMA HOD Delegates - please use the Delegates code provided to you to register. HOD Meetings to be held:
3/16/17 from 10:30am - 5pm
3/17/17 from 1pm - 5pm
3/18/17 from 8am - 3pm 
If you are an international student, prevet student, student volunteer or exhibitor, you will use a different code to register. Please email for more information.

Registration Dates:

Early Registration (including lottery): 11/7/16 (9am Central) - 12/2/16 (4pm Central)
Open Registration: 12/12/16 (9am Central) - 2/3/17 (8:59am Central)
Wet Labs and Day Trips will fill on a first come-first served basis until full.
Late Registration: 2/3/17 (9am Central) - 3/3/17 (4pm Central)

Visit the Registration website here!


For more information on the SAVMA Symposium including lectures, competitions, nightly events, local hotel info, descriptions of wet labs/day trips and more visit:

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