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The International Veterinary Student Association and the SAVMA IVSA member organization offer a wide range of programs and opportunities to veterinary students in the United States who are interested in international veterinary education and exchange opportunities.

Individual Exchanges
Students apply for an International Exchange opportunity by submitting an application to the SAVMA International Exchange Officer (IEO), who arranges veterinary opportunities and housing with the host country's International Exchange Officer. The student provides airfare and spending money. Applications must be submitted 6 months prior to time of travel.

Group Exchanges
Students can arrange group exchanges with other veterinary colleges around the world. Contact the SAVMA International Exchange Officer for more information.

Summer Congress and Winter Symposium
Congress and Symposium are held annually at different countries. IVSA members from all over the world gather to participate in cultural events, tours, lectures, wet labs, talent shows, and camaraderie.

Journal: The International Veterinary Student
The IVSA publishes a journal written and published by students and focuses on worldwide veterinary issues.

IVSA Development Fund
A Development Fund was established in 1981 to aid veterinary schools in disadvantaged countries. Annually, monies from the IVSA Development Fund supplies equipment to select veterinary schools. The Development Fund income depends on donations, silent auctions, and individual IVSA chapter fundraising. For more information, contact the IVSA Development Fund Officer.

IVSA Silent Auction
An annual silent auction is held at the SAVMA Symposium to benefit the IVSA Development Fund. Contact your SAVMA Delegate to donate items for next year's Silent Auction.

Participate in IVSA Leadership
There are many opportunities for leadership within the IVSA. There are positions available on the IVSA Executive Committee (ExCo), as well as in SAVMA. The ExCo consists of a President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Member Organization Director, Development Aid Director, Committee Coordinator, External Relations Officer and Publication Relations Coordinator. ExCo members participate in quarterly meetings and preside over IVSA General Assembly meetings at the IVSA Congress and Symposium. Please read more about these positions on the IVSA website ( In the U.S., there are two International Exchange Officers (IEO's) that serve on the SAVMA Executive Board. The IEO and IEO-elect are responsible for organizing exchanges for U.S. and international students. They attend the national SAVMA meetings and the biannual IVSA meetings. Many schools also have an IVSA club, which provides another avenue for leadership positions in the IVSA at a local level.

An International Veterinary Exchange Committee (IVEC) is comprised of 5 SAVMA Delegates and the two International Exchange Officers. They are dedicated to helping promote IVSA opportunities. They select four annual scholarships at the annual SAVMA Symposium in the spring. Two scholarships are given to U.S. IVSA Chapters, and two are given to SAVMA members for international veterinary externships. For more information on scholarships visit the IVEC Committee website.