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International Exchange Opportunities for Veterinary Students

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U.S. IVSA Member Organizations

Any member in good standing of their Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association is automatically a member of the IVSA.

Each veterinary school MUST have an established IVSA presence. It is established in one of three ways. These are:

  • Adding an IVSA component to an already existing international group;
  • Establishing a new IVSA organization whose membership is composed of SCAVMA members;
  • Elect an IVSA representative to communicate IVSA opportunities IVSA Representatives.

Every school must have an IVSA representative who is a SCAVMA member in good standing. This person serves as a liaison between their school, the two International Exchange Officers, and the International Veterinary Exchange Committee. Their main goal is to help promote IVSA and other international opportunities available to veterinary students.

Most IVSA Member Organizations hold monthly meetings to discuss student travels, promoting international travel opportunities and lectures on internal medicine.

If interested in starting an IVSA member organization at your school, please contact your SAVMA International Exchange Officer elect at SAVMAIEO@gmail.com.

If you already have an IVSA representative and member organization, please send contact info for your IVSA Representative/liaison to SAVMAIEO@gmail.com.