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International Veterinary Exchange Opportunities in Central/South America

South/Central America

Veterinary student exchange opportunities are currently available in the following countries:

If you know of additional exchange opportunities, please contact us to let us know the details.

Costa Rica

A program called "Proyecto Asis" takes place in Costa Rica and is directed by Alvarao del Castillo. The program is two weeks in duration. Veterinary students take Spanish classes and volunteer at a local animal rescue and wildlife center and assist with spay and neuter clinics for pets and stray animals. They also learn about other aspects of veterinary medicine in the country, including visiting local dairy and beef farms and equine facilities. There is even extra time built in for fun and exploration of the local rainforests! The program can be altered to suit the needs of individual groups. For more information, contact Alvaro del Castillo at Please also contact Kristin Hossalla, the IVSA Chapter President at Texas A&M University, who has participated in this project, at

Conservation Medicine- Conservation Biology course in Costa Rica
Are you Interested in Conservation Medicine, Wildlife Medicine, International Medicine, Wildlife Disease Investigation, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystem Health, Ecosystem function, Wildlife-Domestic Animal-Human Health issues, Conservation Biology etc?

If so, consider taking the course entitled: Conservation Medicine-Conservation Biology administered by the University of Georgia.

Who should take this course? Anyone interested in a career in wildlife health management, wildlife disease, conservation medicine, conservation biology, etc.; Undergraduate and Graduate Students in the wildlife, biology, ecology, pre-vet, animal science majors AND veterinary students planning on careers in conservation medicine, international medicine, etc. One of the course objectives is specifically to work in teams composed of veterinary students and non-vet students in related fields. This has worked well in the past, and fosters important collaboration at the early stages of these careers.

Instructors: Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez, DVM, DACZM, PhD (wildlife veterinarian/ecologist) and Dr. Ron Carroll, PhD (conservation biologist)
Course Location: Costa Rica (4 field sites: marine, lowland rainforest, highland rainforest, coastal wetland)
Course dates: June 18th-July 19th, 2010 (30 days)
Deadlines for Application through UGA Costa Rica office: March 5th, 2010.

Space is limited to 20 students on a first-come-first-accepted-basis

To find out about day-to-day course activities, dates, deadline, course credit, program fees, etc. Please contact Dr. Sonia Hernandez and/or visit: OR for a Journal of the 2009 Con Med-Con Bio course:

contact: Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez


Farm to Table Study Program in Uruguay
October 25-31, 2009
This program is presented by the University of Minnesota Center for Animal Health and Food Safety and the Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership, along with the Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. Participants will explore the food system from farm to table in Uruguay while considering aspects of animal welfare and health, food safety, and public health. Facilitated discussions with key government and private sector leaders and site visits along the food supply chain are designed to integrate knowledge and skills in food safety, animal health, and public health. Tentative activities include visiting a dairy processor and beef slaughter plant; touring a local cattle farm; visiting government and private sector animal and public health organizations; and meeting with faculty and students from the Universidad de la Republica veterinary school.

The registration is first come, first serve, and is limited to 20 participants. The registration fee is $800.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Koeman at (612) 626-3161 or Please also go to the website for more information.