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The following veterinary student exchange opportunities are currently available in Australia.

If you know of additional exchange opportunities, please contact us to let us know the details.


Australian Wildlife Health Centre
The Australian Wildlife Health Centre offers one of the most sought after student veterinary placements for wildlife health.

On average, fifteen fourth or fifth year veterinary students are offered placements every year. Students are mostly from Australian Universities, but international students also seek these positions. Students study wildlife care, from husbandry, to handling techniques, to emergency medicine and major surgery.

Lectures are held at universities and wildlife or zoo conferences. Participants contribute to many professional veterinary or wildlife journals and are renowned as experts in the field of Australian wildlife healthcare. Knowledge continues to be built through continuing wildlife veterinary practice and on-going research which positions them as the cutting-edge of wildlife veterinary care.

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Tolga Bat Hospital
Our activities began in 1990, the year tick paralysis was discovered in Spectacled flying foxes (SFF) on the Atherton Tablelands. We originally worked with the SFFs resident at the Tolga Scrub, and hence our name. We now work with any bat, megabat or microbat, from anywhere. Bats come to us for rescue from hundreds of kilometres away, and we also take bats for sanctuary who are being retired from zoos. We became incorporated in 2002 as a not-for-profit community group, listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations in 2007, and registeredas a charity in 2008. This enables us to accept tax-deductible donations. In 2009 we opened the Visitor Centre onsite at the Bat Hospital. Finally in 2013 we had the funds to build a space to accommodate the real needs of the bat hospital, rather than making do with what was already here. This 2 story building has a large storage area underneath, and a shared people/bat area upstairs.

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