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The Tree of Life for Animals (T.O.L.F.A.)
Helping India's Animals in Need

The Tree of Life for Animals (T.O.L.F.A) is a grassroots organization in India set up to improve the abject suffering seen in stray animals residing on every street. By reducing numbers, through sterilization, providing rescue and veterinary care to those that are ailing and vaccination to prevent disease, the lives of these animals can be dramatically improved. By extending the hand of kindness, we hope to be able to show people, both local and visiting that animals are a vital part of our environment that should be valued, protected and cared for.

Who Can Volunteer
Volunteer help at a busy shelter is always welcome. They are in need of qualified veterinarians and veterinary technicians but they welcome veterinary students and volunteers who have experience working with animals, as well as people with a bit of time, compassion and any other skills to contribute.

Volunteer Contribution
They are a charitable organization, depending on donations to fund the running of the hospital. They ask volunteers to raise a minimum amount of money prior to coming to our shelter. This money will cover your accommodation and lunch and all profits will go straight back to the hospital and will help cover our running costs such as medicines, the running of our rescue vehicle, staff wages and fresh food for the animals.

They provide fundraising suggestions at A to Z of Fundraising Ideas. A one-off £150 as a non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. This is deducted from the minimum amount required. Final payment is to be paid directly in India upon arrival.

Minimum Donations

Off Peak Season: £300 per month (minus £150 one-off deposit)
Off-peak season dates include: January - May and October - November.

Peak Season: £500 per month (minus £150 one-off deposit)
Peak season dates include: June - September and Christmas and New Year.

For more information visit: Please email us at for current availabilities.