AVMA Strategic Planning Framework

The AVMA employs a Strategic Planning Framework that forms the basis of AVMA's strategic planning process.

AVMA Strategic Planning Framework
Approved by Executive Board June 2004

Strategic planning is about setting and achieving direction. Direction is being defined as a vision of preferred conditions.

I. Critical Issues Identification

  1. Develop an ongoing mechanism for gathering inputs from the internal and external environments using the broadest possible array of resources
  2. Categorize, evaluate, assess, and distill inputs into workable information
  3. Implement a repeatable mechanism for timely prioritization and knowledge-based visioning

II. Issue Management

  1. Draft a Strategic Plan that reflects current priorities
  2. Assign specific functions and actions to leadership and staff entities
  3. Identify goals, timelines, resources, limitations, prohibitions, supervision
  4. Foster accountability to stakeholders

III. Communication

  1. Engage stakeholders in the planning process to gain buy-in, broaden inputs, and allow them to share their vision
  2. Make the strategic planning process transparent by clearly and consistently informing stakeholders of the plan's issues, priorities, progress, and outcomes
  3. Increase perceived relevance of the plan by reporting the value of accomplishments to stakeholders
  4. Develop a mechanism for positively reinforcing the behavior of stakeholders who help develop the plan

IV. Cultural Integration

  1. Foster a culture within the AVMA promoting continual planning
  2. Identify venues for collaboration and trust development
  3. Determine specific resource allocation to the planning process
  4. Align the planning process and the budgeting process
  5. Identify and eliminate obstacles and change things that undermine the plan
  6. Nurture the development, sharing, and consideration of nontraditional ideas through empowerment of staff and volunteers
  7. Create a shared vision for an increasingly varied membership and profession and a collective will to achieve it