2018 HOD Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments

Resolutions and Bylaws amendments considered by the AVMA House of Delegates in 2018. Resolutions and Bylaws amendments are numbered in chronological order within the calendar year, based on the order in which they are received.

Winter Session: January 2018

Resolutions and proposed Bylaws amendments considered by the AVMA House of Delegates during the Winter Session in January 2018:


  • Resolution 1 - Revised Policy on Animal Abuse and Animal Neglect
  • Resolution 2 - Policy on Stewardship Definition and Core Principles (Pending Waiver of Prior Notice)


Veterinary Information​ Forum - Topics

  • ​​National Veterinary Practices
    How will veterinary medicine thrive in the age of the national practice? Corporate practice presents veterinarians with unique opportunities and challenges, and will likely have a significant impact on national, state and allied veterinary associations.

    A motion was approved to recommend that the Board of Directors study membership models based on practice size and ownership, including a financial impact study on member services, and report back to the House at the 2018 Regular Annual Session.
  • Delivery of Care by Not-for-Profits
    What are the opportunities and challenges presented by the delivery of subsidized veterinary care? Does this type of service impact the public perception of veterinary medicine?

    A motion was approved to recommend that the Board direct staff to work with AVMA volunteer leadership and the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators to develop best practices for collaboration between veterinary hospitals and animal welfare organizations and educational resources for the public about the benefits of various models of care.

    The House approved a motion to recommend that Board of Directors direct staff to collect information from VMAs, their foundations, and general membership on models that provide veterinary care to underserved populations.
  • Defining the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship
    Should the VCPR be one-size-fits-all? Should species practice type and location of the veterinarian and patient impact how the VCPR is defined? How does the FDA definition of VCPR impact veterinarians? The discussion will provide guidance to the Task Force on Model Veterinary Practice Act.

    The House approved a motion recommending that the Board of Directors maintain the language related to the VCPR as it presently exists in AVMA policy.

Summer Session: 2018


Proposed Bylaw Amendment #2​​ - 2018 Constituent Allied Veterinary Organizations

Veterinary Information Forum - Topics

  • Globalization
    We live in a global society - what role should the AVMA play internationally?
  • Student Debt
    Idea exchange on holistic approach to student debt. Think outside the box - what hasn't been tried?
  • License Portability
    Discuss the need and possible avenues for veterinarians to move across jurisdictions for temporary relief and disaster response.