2017 HOD Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments

Resolutions and Bylaws amendments considered by the AVMA House of Delegates in 2017. Resolutions and Bylaws amendments are numbered in chronological order within the calendar year, based on the order in which they are received.

Winter Session: January 2017

Resolutions and proposed Bylaws amendments considered by the AVMA House of Delegates during the Winter Session in January 2017:


  • Resolution 1-2017 Financial Remuneration to Host City For AVMA Convention
  • Resolution 2-2017 Policy on Inherited Disorders in Responsible Breeding of Companion Animals
  • Resolution 3-2017 Amended Articles of Incorporation


Veterinary Information Forum - Topics

  • ​​Unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine -
    The House APPROVED recommending that the Board of Directors refer review of the model veterinary practice act to the appropriate entities. The review could lead to the addition of language specific to unlicensed practice and/or development of an official policy on unlicensed practice.

    The House APPROVED recommending that the Board of Directors consider developing a policy to encourage collaborative work with the United States Government regarding the proper utilization and employment of veterinarians to ensure food safety and security decisions are made with the highest consideration to public health.
  • Transparency in acceptance of sponsorships, rebates, equipment, and free goods - NO ACTION (considered to be adequately covered in the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics)
  • Telemedicine - The House APPROVED recommending that the Board of Directors consider the recommendations contained in Section 8.1.a in the AVMA Practice Advisory Panel Final Report on Telemedicine be considered for inclusion in the Model Practice Act.

 Summer Session: 2017


  • Resolution 4-2017 Policy on Therapeutic Use of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
  • Resolution 5-2017 Policy on the Veterinarian’s Role in Supporting Appropriate Selection and Use of Service, Assistance, and Therapy Animals
  • Resolution 6-2017 The Importance of Federal Veterinarians in Emergency Response
  • Resolution 7-The Importance of Veterinarians in Food Safety
  • Resolution 8-Handling of Companion Animal Remains
  • Resolution 9-Revised Policy on Veterinary Hospice Care
  • Resolution 10-Policy on Telemedicine
  • Resolution 11-Revised Model Veterinary Practice Act


Veterinary Information Forum - Topics

  • Marijuana Therapies for Animals
  • Application and Definition of the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship
  • Prescription Monitoring Programs and Opioid Prescribing
  • Service and Assistance Animals