AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation

The Task Force has been charged with reviewing and evaluating AVMA's governance system and determining if the current system is optimal to meet the future needs of the membership, the association and the profession. The Task Force used AVMA's 20/20 Vision Commission report, along with other key management information resources, as guiding documents for the governance qualities and attributes that are needed for an AVMA governance system of the future.

The Executive Board received the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation report at its June 2013 meeting and is making it available to AVMA membership. 

See additional resources made available following the release of the Task Force's report on June 11, 2013:

Related Documents

  • AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission Report

    The AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission was charged to create a progressive vision for AVMA and make recommendations to ensure that the Association achieves this vision and continues to be relevant and responsive to its members and the general public.
  • Summit on Governance: Conceptual Models

    The AVMA Summit on Governance was held July 8-9 in Schaumburg, Ill. Approximately 60 participants, selected to represent a diverse array of stakeholders, attended the Summit. Summit participants articulated the specifications for future governance structure, processes and culture at AVMA – and then developed eight conceptual models for governance that meet the agreed upon specifications. 
  • Feedback on Eight Conceptual Models Developed at the Governance Summit

    Input from members and stakeholders on the Eight Conceptual Models developed at the Summit on Governance.
  • 2013 Governance Dialog Script and Slides

    Script and slides from the Governance Dialog held in January 2013 at the Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago, Ill. The Task Force presented Foundational Statements and a conceptual governance model.  Keypads were used to obtain feedback on the Foundational Statements and the proposed governance structure.
  • Governance Dialog Keypad Feedback Results

    Results from the keypad voting at the 2013 Governance Dialog
  • Feedback to the Proposed Conceptual Model: Governance Dialog Post

    Feedback was solicited via email, AVMA@work, and NOAH. 
  •  Hybrid Model Discussed at Jan. 2013 Meeting

    The Governance and Member Participation Task Force discussed this hybrid model during the Veterinary Leadership Conference and House of Delegates (HOD) 2013 winter meeting.​