2016 Summer HOD Proceedings

​Proceedings of the 153rd Annual Session of the AVMA House of Delegates
August 4-5, 2016
San Antonio, TX
Grand Hyatt San Antonio
(Resolutions and bylaws amendments are numbered consecutively beginning with the Winter Meeting)
Reference Committee #1
Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws
Bylaws amendment 1—Executive Vice President and Assistant Executive Vice President
Bylaws amendment 2—Treasurer
Reference Committee #2 – Public Matters
Resolution 3—Revised Policy on Free-roaming, Owned Cats
Reference Committee #3 – Education and Research
Resolution 4 - Request for the COE to Adopt a Standard on Financial Literacy 
Reference Committee #4 – Finance and Economics 
Reference Committee #5 – Legislative and Governmental Matters
No actionable items or reports referred
Reference Committee #6 – Member Services
Reference Committee #7 – Scientific Activities
No actionable items or reports referred