Statement of Reason for Seeking Office - Rena Carlson, DVM

​Incoming District XI Director, AVMA Executive Board 

The veterinary profession is ever evolving, which requires the association to adjust and evolve to meet the needs of members and the profession. As part of the House of Delegates, I have a clear understanding of the Report of the Governance Task Force and, more recently, the Governance Engagement Team. I am committed to using the information gathered by these entities to modify and adjust our governance to better engage veterinarians, encourage more member participation, respond to issues in a timely manner, and serve members and the profession more efficiently.
Our profession faces many other challenges. Advocacy must remain a high priority for the association. We have a responsibility to equip political leaders with sound, science-based information when developing policy and regulation. Dealing with economic pressures has also become a high priority. The association and leadership can be instrumental in maintaining an economically viable profession for future veterinarians. Other critical issues are veterinary education, research, and animal welfare. I am devoted to finding solutions and advancing veterinary medicine.
Having graduated from the first class of veterinary students at Washington State University in which women outnumbered men, I have seen the progression of the veterinary profession to a female-dominated field. With relatively few women in higher leadership positions, I bring that perspective to the AVMA leadership. I hope to inspire other women to become actively involved in leadership. Men and women both bring unique qualities to leadership positions. Balance in leadership will serve the association well.

I strongly feel that it is only together as an association that we will confront and find answers to these challenges. The AVMA is in a unique position to unify veterinarians from all aspects of our profession, including allied organizations, state associations, research, public practice, and veterinary education. At a time when some veterinarians question the very validity of the AVMA, I am excited to be part of the AVMA at any level and I am dedicated to active involvement in the association. 

Statement of Reason for Seeking Office provided by the candidate.