Karen M. Bradley, DVM - Candidacy Statement

Dr. Karen Bradley

Statement of Reason for Seeking Office
Candidate for District I Director,
AVMA Board of Directors

I have served in organized veterinary medicine for quite some time—in my state VMA and the AVMA. Much of my work with the VVMA has been with our legislature, coordinating veterinary input on key legislative issues and in our communities. My VMA experiences have shaped me as a leader—one who strives for transparency, works for consensus, and values inclusivity. I value the connectedness we have as a profession and see our associations as key to maintaining a healthy profession.

The AVMA is in a unique position to be the face of the veterinary profession to the world yet still reflect the values and needs of its members. This is no easy task but one we must meet head on if AVMA is to remain a vibrant association relevant to our members. It will also require the AVMA BOD to have a diverse set of experiences and opinions present around the table.

I envision an association that moves forward and is proactively the voice of animal health and welfare, food safety, and public policy—with veterinarians as the voice of authority. I envision an AVMA at your fingertips, one where members feel like they understand what is happening, why, and when, and in real time, what we need to know when we need it. I am fortunate to have the support and nomination of my Vermont VMA and would be proud to serve on the AVMA Board of Directors representing District I.

Statement of reason for seeking office provided by the candidate.