Statement of Reason for Seeking Office - Jose V. Arce, DVM

​Incoming District IV Director, AVMA Executive Board

Veterinary medicine is facing challenging times. Student debt, animal welfare, workforce matters, economic growth, illegal practice, and veterinary education have become complicated issues that require the AVMA to increase its commitment in each.

The AVMA must continue to have a leadership role in all aspects of veterinary medicine globally, especially in matters dealing with animal welfare and veterinary medical education. The Executive Board and the Office of the Executive Vice President, together with AVMA staff, must continue to improve communication with members. In the last few years, we have made great strides in this area, but we need to go even further so that AVMA members feel fully engaged in the process and perceive the value of membership.

Because of my background, I will bring a different, more global and diverse perspective to the table. I have an established practice going through the challenges of a bad economy and facing increased client demands for service, so I am at a point in my career where I can completely relate to the problems affecting practitioners. I can also relate to students and recent graduates—my wife and I still have substantial student debt to pay.

In addition, I find myself in a time of my life and career where I have the enthusiasm and drive to be the most effective and productive for the AVMA, and I believe I have both the experience and passion to help our Executive Board meet the present and future challenges faced by our profession.

Statement of Reason for Seeking Office provided by the candidate.