Dr. Lawrence D. McGill

Candidate: District IX Director

Dr. Lawrence D. McGill Dr. McGill earned his BS and DVM from Oklahoma State University (1966, 1968 respectively) and PhD in Veterinary Pathology from Texas A&M University (1972). He has been involved with private veterinary diagnostic work for more than 40 years in Salt Lake City.

Organized Veterinary Medicine endeavors beneficial to be an effective District 9 Representative.


  • Council on Public Relations 1999-2005: Chair 2004-05
  • Taskforce on Communications: 2004-2005.
  • Member Services Committee 2005-08 reappointed 2008-11 Chair: 2007-2008
  • Governance Performance Review Committee: 2008-14; Chair 2010-11 and 2012-13
  • Taskforce on Volunteer engagement, 2017-


  • Local Arrangements, Chair: 2002 meeting in SLC
  • Oncology Committee, Chair: 2003-2005
  • Public Visibility Com., Chair: 2005-2009
  • Long Range Planning Com.: Dec. 2005.

Utah VMA

  • Chair, Public Relations Committee ---1979-82 and 1988-90.
  • President: 1996
  • Treasurer: 1997-2000
  • Board of Directors: several times.
  • General Chair, Jackson Hole Veterinary Rendezvous, 1999

Nebraska VMA, Chair, Public Relations Committee----1976

Advances in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery: Editor-in Chief, 2016 to present; Section Editor for Clinical and Anatomic Pathology: 2004-2016.


  • Utah Veterinarian of the Year: 1990
  • UVMA Special Award to LD and Marilyn McGill for Years of Service to UVMA and AVMA: 2007
  • ACVP Presidential Award: 2015
  • Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine - Distinguished Alumni Award: 2017

AVMA goals to work toward:

  • Improve and expand communications with AVMA members to "demystify" AVMA
  • Encourage Website improvement
  • My major goal is to work towards inclusiveness of all specialties and species with efforts directed towards making AVMA relevant to all members.
  • Encourage Volunteer involvement with organized veterinary medicine
  • Encourage availability of good physical and mental health resources for members of the profession and families.
  • Continue mentoring opportunities for young veterinarians so they can enjoy this great profession.

Biographical statement provided by the candidate.

Dr. McGill—Statement of Reason for Seeking Office

Veterinary medicine has been a major component of my life. An important rewarding element has been involvement in organized veterinary medicine for over 35 years. This includes AVMA, Nebraska and Utah VMAs and ACVP. Through it, I have met fascinating veterinarians and formed lifelong friendships. This has added to the importance of giving back to AVMA. My participation on committees, task forces and a council have provided valuable insight as to AVMA workings and how to interact with the efficient AVMA staff. It is the one organization that encompasses all aspects of veterinary medicine. The scope of our profession is extremely broad. Therefore, the organization must have a broad umbrella to serve the entire profession. This will always be a challenge. My major goal is for broad communications with all specialties and species and enhance efforts directed towards making AVMA relevant to all members.

It is my opinion that many of the 91,000 members of AVMA are unfamiliar with the benefits available with AVMA membership. Fantastic communications and resources exist. There is up-to-date information for member and practice health and wellness issues. AVMA needs to be more visible to our members and the public. All my work with AVMA committees has stressed transparency and member communications. These labors will continue, if elected.

Young veterinarians should be encouraged to explore all aspects of veterinary medicine to find an endeavor that helps them grow, develop and enjoy their professional career. AVMA needs to continue to promote communications and encourage involvement of members. Our national meeting should be an important resource for the entire veterinary profession. The AVMA website needs a lot of work.

My UVMA colleagues and I feel that my experience on many AVMA committees will be a great asset to District 9 as I represent you on the AVMA Board.

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Statement of reason for seeking office provided by the candidate.