Member Services Committee - Entity Description

The purpose of the Committee is to enhance the relationship between the AVMA, its members, and veterinary students.


  1. To promote the value and relevance of organized veterinary medicine and AVMA membership to the profession including recent graduates and veterinary students.
  2. To consider, research, evaluate, and make recommendations on AVMA membership matters.
  3. To review AVMA membership policies and recommend changes as needed.
  4. To promote diversity and mentorship among veterinarians, veterinary students and recent graduates.
  5. To promote wellness to AVMA members and the veterinary profession.
  6. To be an advocate for veterinary student issues.

Membership, Method of Appointment and Representation

The Member Services Committee will comprise 12 members representing:

Honor Roll (1)
Recent Graduate (2)
Academic veterinary medicine (1)
Non-academic public-sector veterinarian (1)
Board-certified specialists (1)
Industry Veterinarian (1)
Private clinical practice (4: including at least one practice owner, one employed practice associate, one food animal veterinarian, one at-large)
Student AVMA officer or delegate (1)

Committee members will be appointed by the Board of Directors for three-year terms, with a maximum of two terms, except for the Student AVMA officer, who will be appointed by the Student AVMA to serve a one-year term.

Staff Consultant

Theresa Constantino


The Chair will be elected by members of the Committee.


The Committee is authorized two meetings per year of two days each at the AVMA Headquarters.


Travel expenses for Committee meetings will be planned and accounted for as a separate line item in the AVMA budget in accord with AVMA travel policy.


The Committee will advise and report to the Board of Directors.

Life Expectancy and Sunset Review:

The Committee will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.

Revised by Committee 3/15/09
Approved by Board of Directors June 2009