Governance Performance Review Committee - Entity Description

Approved in 2003, the purpose of the Committee is to review and monitor the performance of AVMA governance entities.


  1. To conduct scheduled, periodic, performance evaluations of entities (specifically: councils, committees, Executive Board, House of Delegates, House Advisory Committee, and liaisons) according to established protocol to ensure that each entity is fulfilling its charge, performing effectively, and remaining integral to AVMA's objective.

  2. To advise the Executive Board regarding continuance or recommended changes to the charge or structure of each entity.

  3. To review and advise the Executive Board on recommendations to establish a new entity to ensure that it does not unnecessarily duplicate the charges of existing entities.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

The committee shall consist of five voting members who will represent the following: House of Delegates (1); AVMA staff (1); councils (1); committees (1); and at-large (1).

Committee members will be appointed by the Executive Board for 3-year terms, with a maximum of 2 terms, except for AVMA staff members who will be appointed by the Executive Vice President.

An Executive Board member will serve as a liaison to the Committee.

Staff Consultant: Carole Jordan


The committee will elect a chair from among its voting members.


The Committee will hold one meeting, of up to two days, per year at AVMA headquarters and is authorized to conduct official business electronically and by telephone throughout the year.


Travel expenses are authorized in accordance with the AVMA Travel Policy.


The committee reports to the AVMA Executive Board.

Life Expectancy

The Committee will be reviewed by the Executive Board in compliance with AVMA policy on performance evaluations.