Convention Management and Program Committee - Entity Description

The committee was established by the Board of Directors at its April 1992 meeting as a result of a recommendation by the Task Force to Review the Scientific Program Committee (SPC).


The Convention Management and Program Committee is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the AVMA Annual Convention.

The CMPC will develop and implement the educational program of the annual convention. This includes an ongoing effort to provide top-tier continuing education through presentation, interactive labs, and a vital exhibit hall experience. The CMPC will collaborate with associated groups to enhance educational diversity and support mutual objectives of the AVMA and those groups. The CMPC will provide guidance to convention division staff as they execute necessary logistics to ensure a successful convention.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

The Committee is comprised of a Chair; eight Section Managers representing Companion Animal, Food Animal/Equine, Poultry Medicine, Practice Management and Professional Development, Public and Corporate Practice, Interactive Labs, Veterinary Technician Programming, and Other Convention Activities sections; one non-voting Liaison; and Industry Advisor. The Industry Advisory provides communication between the Committee, the American Veterinary Exhibitors Association (AVEA) and other exhibitors. Committee members can serve two 3-year terms. With the exception of the Veterinary Technician Section Manager, each Section Manager is appointed by the Board of Directors. The Veterinary Technician Section Manager is nominated by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). The Board of Directors may appoint or reject the NAVTA appointee for cause, and request that NAVTA nominate another individual.

Nominations for incoming Section Managers are approved by the AVMA Board of Directors at their November meeting prior to the start of the Section Manager's term. Incoming Section Managers will begin their term at the July CMPC meeting immediately following their appointment.


The Board of Directors appoints the Chair and Section Managers. Section Managers select and appoint Program Coordinators for their section.

Section Managers

Each Section Manager chairs a subcommittee of Program Coordinators, individually selected by the Section Managers, each of whom is responsible for organizing a specific portion of the convention. A total of 35 Program Coordinators are approved to assist the Section Managers. Each Program Coordinator serves a one-year renewable term, not to exceed six consecutive terms. The positions of Interactive Lab Facilitator, Animal Coordinator, and Interactive Lab Assistant may be assigned on a one per lab basis, as needed, at the discretion of the Interactive Lab Section Manager and as required by the animal use protocol established by the local Animal Care and Use Committee.

As a courtesy to interested allied veterinary organizations, nominations for Program Coordinator appointments are invited from the following organizations: AABP, AAEP, AAAP, AASRP, ABVPH, CPHV, USAHA, NAFV, AAHA, ACLAM, and ASLAP, AVMA Councils on Research, Biologic and Therapeutics Agents, Veterinary Service, Education, and Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine. Nominations for Program Coordinator appointments within the Veterinary Technician Section are invited from NAVTA.

Staff consultant: Director, Convention and Meeting Planning Division


The Committee reports to the Board of Directors.


Summer - at end of the Annual Convention; fall and spring - at AVMA Headquarters.


The Chair and both current and incoming Section Managers attending the convention are reimbursed for round trip coach air fare between the commercial airport at the convention city and at the city nearest the committee member's residence, meals, ground transportation, incidental and lodging expenses. All committee members and coordinators receive badge fee registration.

Travel expenses related to other scheduled meetings of the Committee will be reimbursed in accordance with standing AVMA policy

Travel expenses related to other scheduled meetings of the Committee will be reimbursed in accordance with standing AVMA policy—actual expense of transportation (less than first-class air fare) plus hotel and meals.

Life Expectancy

The Committee will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.