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Workforce challenges: Finding the right answers

As veterinary practices work to address our workforce challenges, it’s important not to rely on pandemic data as a benchmark. Here’s how AVMA President Dr. Rena Carlson outlines the risks of some of the proposals currently being put forward.

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Become a mentor—Get a mentor

MentorVet Connect, brought to you by the AVMA, connects new veterinary graduates with trained mentors, free of charge. The connection can transform both partners. Apply now to become a mentor or mentee. Learn more

Are you ready if disaster strikes?

There's no better time for planning than Disaster Preparedness Month in September. The AVMA’s full suite of disaster planning and readiness tools allows both animal owners and veterinary practices to prepare. Get started

Strengthen the veterinary team-client partnership

The Positive Pet Care Guide, developed through an industrywide collaboration, helps companion animal practices foster healthy communication and strong partnerships with pet owners. Use it to align client and team expectations, and encourage a supportive, safe environment for all. Get guide

Make cost-of-care conversations more comfortable

Pet owners want veterinary teams to talk with them about the cost of care. The updated Language that Works ebook, exclusive to AVMA members, will you help address the questions they really want answered.

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Explore the Journey for Teams

Every veterinary team member now has a pathway to foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplaces. Discover the Journey for Teams—and see why veterinary colleagues are excited about it.

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A proliferation of newly proposed veterinary colleges

Nearly a dozen newly proposed veterinary colleges have been announced in the past two years, representing a sizeable potential increase to the existing 33 U.S. veterinary colleges. Some universities have already secured site visits. Others are just in the discussion stage.

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The VCPR: Why it needs to be established in person

The AVMA opposes a VCPR being established virtually because it creates serious risks for patient health and safety. Simply put, establishing the VCPR with an in-person, hands-on examination is in the best interest of animals and is fundamental to quality care.

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Become a veterinary first responder

The Veterinary First Responder Certificate Program on AVMA Axon® ensures veterinarians and veterinary students have the knowledge and skills to serve as first responders in disasters. :

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