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Providing care at a distance

Telemedicine can be an important tool to protect and monitor patients. Here are resources to support your use of telemedicine.

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Stay informed: Free webinar

Learn about the latest COVID-19 guidance, resources, and legislative relief in a free, on-demand webinar on AVMA Axon.

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Direct connect

Save time and money supplying your practice

AVMA Direct Connect simplifies and optimizes your purchasing. This free AVMA member service consolidates all your favorite vendors in one spot. Take advantage of these AVMA-exclusive features:

  • Real-time pricing for consumer pharmacies
  • Advanced analytics
  • Samples, coupons, and loyalty rewards

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AVMA membership supports your day-to-day life as a veterinarian with benefits that enhance your success at every career stage.

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Veterinarians and One Health

We live in an interconnected world. Veterinarians play an integral role in human and environmental health, in addition to caring for our nation's animals.

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Upcoming events

All AVMA council and committee meetings are being conducted electronically.

March 30: Committee on Antimicrobials

April 15-17: AVMA Board of Directors

April 17: Deadline: VLC call for programs

April 18: House Advisory Committee

April 20-21: State Advocacy Committee



Remote leadership: Get the most from your team

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Learn techniques to implement accountability, teamwork, open communication, and collaboration when leaders and team members aren’t physically present in the same workplace.

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